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An open letter to the person I hurt

An open letter to the person I hurt It is a message that I want to tell you. This is the third letter that you will be receiving from me. The first letter I wrote to say sorry and to seek help as I am confused about my feelings towards you and and I am simply enjoying your presence that is why I want to keep you close. The second letter is a late birthday present. A confession and recognition of how attracted I am to you. However at that time, I am lost on how to proceed and terrified…

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  • Vanity
    I used to not care about my photographs… until someone asked for it
  • Paalam
    mga salita sa utak na kahit ang manunulat ay hindi rin nakaka-unawa
  • 2022
    Here is my tentative plan for 2022.
  • Weekend
    Anong masasabi mo sa taong natutuwa sa bagong palit na bedsheet, punda at kumot?
  • Family
    Unang picture ‘to na magkakasama kaming apat. Walang director of photography. Proper lights, good outfit at pulbos with matching lipstick. Raw shot. That is us. My little family. And I am proud of us!
  • South from you
    Maybe it is an understatement to label him as ‘mere friend’ for I see something else. Siguro pwede natin ilagay sa category ng manliligaw. Well, assumptions ko lang naman ito, who knows if my observation is inaccurate.

Mabuhay ka!
Ngayon din!!

No one

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  1. Jessy says:

    Keep writing!

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